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Dec 1, 2021

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Visit Teachers Join! page.
The Reston eVillage offers a host of benefits to our local school teachers in our goal of building a better Reston. Each teacher receives the following suite of features at no charge.

 Mini web site site:  A multi-paged mini-site with a complete suite of pages, interactive features and on-line tools to manage all the components. The "Home page" is a full page within the site which includes a full page describing yourself.

 E-Newsletter:  Create and publish E-Newsletters then sent them to your student's parents. You can create as many different newsletter types as needed. Organize them in folders, include photos and selectively send as often as needed. No programming or technical skills are required to send out professional looking newsletters.

 Web Conferencing:   Web Conferencing allows you to conduct presentations and meetings via the Internet where you control the participants browser. Use websites, Powerpoint or Word Documents to display your products and services. Web Conferencing allows you to present to many people at the same time without ever leaving your home or office. The entire presentation is branded to your site.

 E-Forms:   Just point and click to build custom E-Forms. Create unique forms for product orders, special requests or anything needed for your class and have the information sent the e-mail address(es) you want. back to top

 Appointment System:  Offer the convenience and improved efficency of accepting appointments via your pages. You decide the days, hours, frequency, how far in advance to accept on-line appointment. Each offering is displayed with its own description. You can choose to automatically confirm the appointments or allow you to "Get back" to the parent. When an appointment is made, you and the parent each receive an individual notice/confirmation e-mail. Each offering can have its own custom confirmation message sent to the parent. back to top

 Articles and folders:  Publish pages of your class homework assignments, honor rolls and activities with just the point and click of your mouse. File those articles in folders for easy navigation and organzation. No programming required - if you can point and click - you can create attractive pages with links and photos. back to top

 Photo Albums:  Publish photos of your class' events, students and activities with just the point and click of your mouse. Your photos are organized into Albums of your choice. The images are automatically re-sized for proper display and a "thumbnail" version created. Each photo can include an optional narrative providing additional details. back to top

 Class Calendar:  Display your special events on your own class calendar (assignments, activities, field trips, report card, etc.). Each calendar event includes full page describing the event which can include photos/images and links for eye-catching presentation.  back to top

 Contact Me Topics:  A powerful Contact Me e-mail system allowing you to create several topics (for example, lost homework, general questions, more info, etc.) the parent selects that best describes their question. Each topic can have mulitple e-mail addresses assigned to automatically route the requests to the teacher and/or assistants. back to top

 Easy Self-Service Feature Managment:  A powerful, yet easy, to use suite of Self-Service, on-line tools within a password protected area empowering you to quickly manage the features. No programming or technical expertise is required. back to top

Wow! this is incredible... How do I get involved? Easy, visit our Teachers Join! page.

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