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Oct 19, 2021

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 Instead Of Pouring Rent Money Down The Drain, Why Not Buy The Drain?
Do you ever feel like there are insurmountable barriers to homeownership? Have you been saving for a down payment for years, without making much headway? If you answered “yes,” you’re in good company.

 Prepaid Card Teaches Teens About Money Management
The teen years are a good time to start teaching your child how to use money wisely. Soon they will head off in the world, and chances are they will get a credit card -- or two or three. Giving them money management skills today, will help them manage better tomorrow.

 Don’t Wait For Tragedy To Strike To Develop A Financial Plan
Eileen Manning, 42, of Minneapolis, Minn., will never forget the day she turned 39. Instead of enjoying a night on the town with her husband, that was the day he died suddenly of a heart attack.

 Americans Risk Outliving Their Retirement Savings
As Baby Boomers creep ever closer to their golden years, they face unprecedented challenges to their future financial security. Retirement nest eggs have eroded considerably since the equity bubble burst on the bull market of the 1990s.

 It's Time To Review Your Family's Financial Security
If you're like most people, three years of volatile stock prices has given you new perspective on your financial situation. It's amazing how your perspective can change when you're standing on a window ledge looking down.

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