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Dec 1, 2021

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I just received an email from the RCA-Infoline encouraging support for Reston's becoming a town.  I signed the petition asking that town status for Reston be put on a ballot.  I am reconsidering.  One of the issues raised by the RCA-Infoline email newsletter is density.  It posted some alarming numbers about proposals for new development.  One of these concerns new construction at Lake Anne.
I live at Lake Anne.  Lake Anne Center has a number of businesses, including four very good restaurants.  I am on the plaza every evening and I watch how those restaurants are doing.  On a good night they are half full.   In a better locations all those places would have people waiting for a table.  On Mother's Day my wife, my mother-in-law and I went to the Tavern on the Lake and were able to get a table with no reservation.  It would have been a different story at Clydes at the Reston Town Center.  The Tavern on the Lake is at least as good as Clydes and is in much more beautiful setting.  The Lake Anne Plaza needs MORE traffic.  It needs MORE residential and business development around it.  If development does not happen my neighborhood will gradually die.  If the position of RCA is "block all development anywhere in Reston" then please remove my name from all petitions.

-- Philip Jones, Washingto Plaza W
Philip Jones
Oct 8, 2007
2:35 PM

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