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Dec 1, 2021

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November 2, 1998


Each of the Reston 2000 Task Force Committees was requested to establish committee goals and objectives and to present those goals and objectives to the Task Force membership for discussion and ultimate approval. The goals of all of the committees have now been approved, and several of the committees have also established mission or vision statements. Most committees are still developing their objectives, and those will be discussed in the upcoming Task Force meetings.

Following is a summary, by committee, of all of the vision statements, goals and objectives that have either been discussed or approved by the Task Force members.


The Communications Committee has established two major goals for Reston 2000:

  • Develop an interactive, integrated internal communications plan for Reston.
  • Develop an external strategic plan to promote and maintain the image and identity of Reston to audiences outside of Reston.
The Committee has been given the additional assignment of being the "communications agent" for the Task Force.

Community Organization Relationships


The following goals are adopted by this subcommittee for inclusion in the Y2000 Task Force�s report with the understanding that these goals are compatible with Reston achieving Town status in the 21st Century should the community move in that direction.

  • Establish a group working in concert with the Hunter Mill District Supervisor's office to monitor the implementation of the Reston 2000 Task Force goals. To ensure maximum compatibility and integration with ongoing activities this group should include the Executive Directors of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, Reston Association, Reston Interfaith, Reston Citizens Association, and the Reston Community Center. These organizations have the potential to provide administrative support for this group.
  • Establish an advocacy group for Reston with representatives from The Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, Reston Association, LINK and others who can actively promote Reston at local, regional and international meetings, conferences, conventions and trade shows.
  • Advance Reston as a unified community.
  • Establish a central information source for Reston. Such a source could help eliminate conflicts in scheduling and also improve communications between all organizations and members of the community.
  • Encourage participation of businesses, individual citizens and community organizations to enhance the delivery of services in Reston.
Economic Development


To sustain and grow Reston as a major regional job and employment center, while maintaining the quality of life for all that defines and distinguishes the Reston community in both national and international arenas.



To assure that a comprehensive set of high-quality educational services, facilities and programs are available to meet student and community needs in a manner that facilitates life-long learning by the entire Reston community.

Human Services And Public Safety


To assess and identify the human services and public safety needs in Reston in order to maintain and develop appropriate services which will afford every resident the opportunity to live in a safe environment that fosters individual autonomy and self-reliance and supports the original goals for Reston to be a community for all ages and incomes, throughout the various stages of life. To challenge the other sectors such as the civic, faith and business communities to work collaboratively to meet the identified human services and public safety needs in Reston. To ensure that all residents are aware of and have access to the public safety and human services which have established to support the goals of our community.

Land Use, Development and Revitalization

Vision Statement To preserve and enhance the character, asthetics, innovative spirit, and environmental integrity of Reston through the application of creative land use planning strategies that achieve a desirable balance of uses, promote high quality of life, sustain economic health, and ensure the continued vitality of the community.

Quality of Life

  • To reflect community priorities and an objective set of criteria for quality of life, aesthetics, and environmental integrity throughout all phases of the planning and development process.
  • To promote the cultural life of the entire community and celebrate the diversity that makes Reston unique by encouraging the dedication, and use of public spaces in existing, new and redeveloped projects.
  • To enhance Reston's natural beauty by recommending the dedication and quality management of park land and open spaces, preservation of environmental quality corridors, and generous use of landscaping features in and through developed areas and along roadways.
  • To encourage sustainable economic growth, increased job opportunities, and enhanced property values.
  • To provide connectivity for the entire community physically through the roadways, pathways, and street crossings, and through public involvement processes associated with land development and redevelopment.
  • To adopt a "move people" not a "move vehicles" mindset and modus operandi in order to provide mobility for all, and to move people in the most comfortable, convenient, and efficient manner.
  • To maximize the benefits of rail and bus transit by encouraging higher density residential and commercial development at station sites and by offering incentives that would motivate the community and employees to use mass transit.
  • To indentify "quick fix" solutions for current area "squeeze points" and encourage the development and implementation of plans for long term improvements, such as the widening of Route 7, the widening of Sunset Hills Road, and the construction of rail.
  • To offer a clear path to implementation through modification and/or expansion of the existing Comprehensive Plan and other mechanisms.
  • To create guidelines, incentives, and innovative solutions to encourage quality redevelopment, especially in areas where health and safety are a factor, such as at village centers or where residential redevelopment ("tear downs") might occur.
  • To identify possible means for community-based mechanisms for planning, financing, and implementing redevelopment, including a qualified planning and zoning committee and a resource office where development related information and knowledgeable staff are readily available.
  • To encourage the use of top quality planners and architects, particularly for major projects and projects at highly visible locations.
Land Use
  • To encourage mixed use development in the higher density areas as a means to achieving quality and sustaining balance between residential and commercial growth.
  • To concentrate the highest levels of density in the urban core and at rail stations.
  • To define the transitions to peripheral areas.
  • To provide safe, sound, and affordable housing opportunities for all throughout the community in a sensible and integrated manner.
Environmental Integrity
  • To provide innovative guidelines and initiatives to maintain, restore, and enhance the natural resources existing in public areas with particular emphasis on conservation and reasonable ecologic protection of the natural and organic amenities.
Parks, Recreation & Cultural

The founding vision for the New Town of Reston places recreation and culture at the center of life for the residents of this innovative community. As Reston looks to the future, and in pursuit of this vision, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Committee proposes the following goals:

  • To enhance and renew existing parks and recreation facilities and to plan for new facilities, to ensure access and a range of programming that will enrich the leisure time of Reston�s aging and diverse residents.
  • To implement a means of participation and support by the entire Reston community in the growth and development of Reston�s parks and recreational and cultural community. This initiative would ensure innovative ways of investing in the definition of Reston as a place to live, work and play.
  • To enhance an alliance of cultural organizations to facilitate development opportunities; increase federal, state and county funding of local arts programs; and nurture growth of the cultural community.
  • Through pursuit of these goals, Reston will not only provide cultural and recreational opportunities for residents within a specific location, but can ensure economic viability by becoming a regional centerpiece because of the inclusion and implementation of these goals.


  • To develop and implement an affordable balanced transportation system in order to improve the quality of life of people who live and work in the Reston area.
  • Provide safe, convenient, well-lit and attractive walking/biking environments throughout Reston.
  • Public Transportation systems should provide realizable, credible, affordable, safe, comfortable and convenient service to Reston residents and persons employed in Reston.
Roadway Network
  • The planned highway system should be implemented to provide acceptable Levels of Service through Fairfax County/Loudoun County, in accordance with standards of the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.

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