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Dec 1, 2021

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February 22, 1999


The Reston 2000 Task Force has been established to look at the Reston community in the year 2000 and beyond. In accordance with the adopted Reston Master Plan, the residential land area in Reston is approaching full build-out. The
area�s economy is strong, and Reston�s job market is expanding. Several office projects are under construction, also in conformance with the Reston Master Plan.

Reston is a diverse and maturing community. A significant portion of its residents have college degrees and advanced degrees. The median household incomes have increased. Reston�s housing types are about equally split relative to single family dwellings, townhouses and multi-family units.

Now is the time for the residents of this community to begin to focus on their expectations and visions for the future of Reston. Will we have redevelopment opportunities in the future and if so, how do we plan for that reinvestment? How to we plan for the eventuality of rail in the Dulles Corridor? Do we have adequate recreation facilities and programs? How do we meet the needs of our school age and elderly population in the future?

Over 100 residents and business representatives participated in the Task Force effort and to serve on one of the seven committees that focused on issues such as employment and education, human services and public safety, land use and community development, transportation, and communications and community organization relationships.

John Thillmann served as the Chairman of the Reston 2000 Task Force with Vice Co-Chairs Priscilla Ames and Michael Guthrie.

The seven Task Force Committees and their Chairmen are as follows:

Communications; Chair: John Palatiello

Community Organization Relationships; Chair: Clark Massie

Employment, Commerce and Education; Chair: Ridge Loux

Human Services and Public Safety; Chair: Fran Butler

Land Use and Community Development; Chair: Chuck Veatch

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Issues; Chair: William Bouie

Transportation; Chair: William Keefe

Supervisor Robert B. Dix, Jr. states: "This completes Phase I. I am excited about the challenge and the opportunity that the Reston 2000 effort presents to this community. It provided an opportunity to evaluate the present and refine our vision for the future. The committees and the full Task Force concluded their discussions and a Final Report was issued on November 2, 1998. The Final Report was presented to the community at a cable-televised Town Meeting.

Phase II, the Concept Development and Implementation Phase will begin in the Spring, 1999 after the community has had a chance to review the report and offer any additional input."

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