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Nov 28, 2021

My Reston!

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Around Reston

Reston's 7,400 acres of rolling hills, lakes and trees are developed in residential village clusters composed of a large variety of housing types which all together make for an attractive urban place within which to live. A town in every way but jurisdictionally, Reston is home to a population of 63,000 residents having a diversity of age, culture, ethnicity, race, religion and financial means. We also have a diversity of opinions on topics of community impact. But we are none-the-less a homogenous population sharing the common love of our community, being very active, civic and culturally minded. Reston has opportunities for all of its residents to live, shop, work, and play right in our community. Once a bedroom community for commuters traveling to Washington, DC, Reston now has a reverse commuting work force mainly of high-tech workers, and we will shortly have rail service to the rest of Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The community is strategically located near Dulles Airport to the west and the Tysons Corner employment and retail center to the east an important urban area. It is estimated that the office and retail area comprising the Reston-Tysons area would be the 10th largest city in the United States if incorporated. Yet, the community of Reston is in human scale with real neighborhoods, miles of pedestrian trails, hundreds of acres of community open space covered in trees and environmental amenities, four lakes, neighborhood pools, tennis and basketball courts, a community indoor stage and two golf courses. We have fine medical facilities and a hospital, a local government center, a variety of quality retail shopping areas, wonderful hospitality facilities with fine restaurants and first class hotels. We host a number of community gatherings, triathlons, bicycle and foot races, festivals and fairs that attract thousands of attendees from the entire Washington metropolitan area. Restonians are proud of this community because we have a physical sense of place that stems from both our built and natural environment. We maintain a very diverse resident population of families and singles, both young and older adults, because there is something for everyone desiring to make a home here and live in Reston.

Reston is laterally bisected into three large thousand acre plus areas. Baron Cameron Avenue and the Dulles Toll Road are the two arterials that divide Reston into three segments, North Reston, the Lake Anne section and the South Reston area.

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