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Nov 28, 2021

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The life-blood of any community is it's devoted volunteer community organizations. Reston's volunteer organizations are multi-faceted and serve a diverse group of interests and businesses for the common enjoyment and betterment of the entire community. The community spirited nature of our involved citizens has been a hall-mark of Reston from it's early inception. This vibrant spirit is demonstrated every day through the large number of volunteer organizations that thrive in this community.

Reston eVillage makes available a free web page to those organizations that serve our Reston resident, business and professional members, and that are devoted to the betterment of this community and its people. Qualifying organizations may be public or private not for profit, and must be open and inclusive, and promote civility and the productive enterprise of all residents and businesses. Any community based organization or "club" is welcome that is, in nature, religious, social, artistic, recreational, or business or professional "societies". Inclusion in Reston eVillage will require that the organization stand for at least one or more of the following community goals:

  • A place for civil discourse,
  • An improvement to our quality of life and surroundings,
  • The promotion of positive societal expectations, social interaction
  • A focus on sports, recreation and leisure time activities
  • The commitment to life long learning of community residents.
Each organization will be responsible for keeping its web page current, including membership notices, calendars of events, listing of officers, contact information, photographs, web links and the like. No commercial advertising will be allowed. If in the opinion of the Reston eVillage Board of Directors the page is not maintained or the material published is not up to the standards stated in the Terms of Service, the Board maintains the right to and will remove the page.

Initially, the Organizations currently listed in the Community Organization Directory will be available for inclusion, but others may request inclusion by directly contacting us.

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