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Nov 28, 2021

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This Education page will cover Education related information for the Greater Reston area. Fairfax County Public Schools are currently listed on this page and may be accessed by clicking on the one of interest. Private and parochial schools serving Reston students may also have a page and they will be posted as requests made and verified. Mr Stuart Gibson is the Hunter Mill District School Board member on the Fairfax County School Board. He will post periodic messages to the parents and students of the Reston area. Many interesting and informative things are planned for this page involving students, sports, parental information´┐Ż..stay tuned.

Our hearts and our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors in the Dogwood Elementary School community. We all watched with horror and sadness as Dogwood went up in flames the night of November 27. Plans have already been put into place to educate all the Dogwood children for the rest of this calendar year, and continuing through the end of the school year in June 2001. You can click on the Dogwood link on this page, to find out more about the plans for students in each grade level, for the rest of the calendar year 2000.

Many in our community have asked how they can help the children and teachers at Dogwood, who will be displaced from their home for the forseeable future. Our most immmediate needs are for donations of money, to help the teachers and school staff buy things that they and the children need. Please make your tax-deductible donations payable to "Dogwood Elementary School," and send them to:

Dogwood Elementary School
c/o Westmore Elementary School
11000 Berry Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Businesses interested in donating computer technology or other similar items should call Courtney Bulger at (703) 246-4541. Please be patient, as phone lines have been exceedingly busy with offers of help.

Times of tragedy, like this, truly test a community's character. I am proud of the hard work of Principal Ricki Harvey, Assistant Principal Margaret Boone, the dedicated Dogwood teachers, the principals and teachers at the other schools in Reston, Herndon and Oakton, and other hard-working employees of Fairfax County Public Schools. In a matter of hours, they assessed the problems, developed solutions that have the best interests of the children as their first priority, and worked to make those solutions a reality. I would also like to extend a special recognition to the Fairfax City School Board, Fairfax City Council and Fairfax City School Superintendent George Stepp, for their prompt response to our requests for help, and their commitment to allow our Dogwood children to use Westmore and Green Acres Elementary Schools while their new home is being built.

As our children return to school on Monday, December 4, and as we approach this Holiday season, let us all give thanks for our lives and our health. And let us truly come to appreciate the strength that lies within the heart of our Reston community. Life has just dealt us a truckful of lemons. With the hard work of our dedicated teachers and administrators, and the support of parents, students and our Reston community, we are well on our way to making the largest batch of lemonade in Reston history.

On a more general note, as chairman of the School Board's Finance and Budget Committee, I am also working hard with my colleagues to move the Virginia General Assembly toward adequate funding of the Virginia Standards of Quality. This is a key issue for our school division as we strive to provide quality education in our schools. We need increased state funding to meet the increased needs of our children.

During the school year, your School Board meets in regular session twice monthly, usually on the second and fourth Thursdays. The meetings are held at Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Falls Church, beginning at 7:30 p.m. All Board agendas and summaries are available on the FCPS web site.

I look forward to working with you and the Dogwood community as we move forward with plans to educate all our children. Please let me know your concerns and questions on this or on any other topic concerning our schools. Please contact me, sgibson@burkholder.fcps.k12.va.us. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart D. Gibson, Member
Hunter Mill District


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