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Nov 28, 2021

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This section of the eVillage is devoted to providing information about and links to our Local, State and Federal Government as they affect Reston area residents. We have a page devoted to each of our local elected officials from which they can be contacted. Reston has one state delegate and lies within two separate state senatorial districts so each of these elected officials also have a page.

All commonly recognized governmental functions and powers such as police, fire, schools, taxation, social services, zoning and development are under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. Transportation, road maintenance, traffic safety, motor vehicles and criminal prosecution are under the jurisdiction of the state.

Even though Reston is a large and populous place it is not a city or town. It has always been under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Urban County Executive form of Government in Virginia grants powers to Fairfax County alone that are normally given to cities. Therefore, the Fairfax County government is akin to a city government except for roads and maintenance. Reston has never had its own governmental powers except those that were granted by Fairfax County as part of Reston's zoning to the Planned Residential Community category. Those powers are constituted to maintain open space, lakes and recreation facilities owned in common by all of Reston's land owners/homeowners and to maintain the efficacy of the covenants on architecture and the like. Furthermore our cluster associations own and maintain common space and infrastructure that lies within the boundaries of each cluster and each cluster's covenants.

The Reston Association was formed to maintain homeowners and renter's common facilities and covenants, while the Town Center Association was formed for the same purpose within the Town Center area. It, however, also has business members, and owns in common some roadways, parking garages and green space shared by businesses.

The other quasi-governmental body is the Reston Community Center. It was created because Reston needed a place for community activities including, active recreation, the performing arts, and community meeting facilities. A small tax district, which levies a an additional property tax on residents, was formed to fund the center and a Board of Governors was constituted through a preference poll to oversee the facility, but it also is under the ultimate jurisdiction of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. We also have a "non governmental" Reston Citizens Association. It has no legislative or budgetary powers for the community. Its members are elected community wide and it does express its-self as speaking on behalf of the community on a wide range of issues. Its most prominent role historically has been to host political candidate debates and to speak to Reston land use issues through the Planning and Zoning Committee.

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