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Nov 28, 2021

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The decision to create the electronic village was the result of a two-year effort by the Reston 2000 Task Force, which recommended its creation. The Reston 2000 Task Force created in January of 1998 was charged with developing vision statement of a hoped for future. The time frame was a 20-year horizon targeting 2020 the task was to develop specific recommendations that would get us there. With participation by over 100 residents the work was divided over two one year efforts the first being to develop overall goals which were presented via a final report to the community at a Reston Town Meeting in November of 1998. The second year was spent in developing a report to the Community on recommendations and strategies for achieving the Goals.

The effort involved 7 committees which were tasked with the actual work.

  1. Communications
  2. Community Organizations and Relationships
  3. Employment, Commerce & Education
  4. Human Services and Public Safety
  5. Land Use, Community Development, Revitalization
  6. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Issues
  7. Transportation.

In March 2000, Reston 2000 Task Force Chairman John H. Thillmann stepped down from the committee to develop and implement the concept of an electronic Village for Reston. Also in March a committee was formed to begin the design of the eVillage and in April, John Thillmann acquired the domain names (restonevillage.org, .net, .com). In June a Board of Directors was recruited, by July, Reston eVillage was incorporated in Virginia and in the same month the site went up with a Splash Page designed by Designing Solutions of Tysons Corner, VA. The site architecture was designed and developed by eNeighbors of Centreville, Virginia.

The Reston eVillage is a Virginia Not For Profit corporation. It is located in Reston, Virginia whose unpaid Board of Directors are civic minded individuals. The objectives of the corporation and its' web-site are to:

  • Create and foster a civil dialogue within the community
  • Create a place where Restonian's and visitors to our community may find information about Reston, its civic organizations, businesses, issues and events
  • Develop a common meeting place for those interested in Reston
  • Ensure that everyone in the community has access to the electronic village even those that may not have the means
  • Increase the communication among and between residents, commuters, businesses in order to share thoughts and views on issues affecting the community.

The domain names are the property of Reston eVillage.  The Reston eVillage logo is copyrighted.

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