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Nov 28, 2021

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Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms of Service

Reston eVillage, P.O. Box 9056 Reston, VA 20195-9056

The Reston eVillage web site and its associated content and services may be accessed through ".org, .com, or .net" internet domains.  Regardless of which domain is used, this web site is referred to as "Reston eVillage".  The terms "we" and "our" as used below refer individually and collectively to Reston eVillage, its Board of Directors and officers, and also to individuals or organizations acting under delegated authority of the officers or the Board of Directors of Reston eVillage.org, Inc.

Your use of Reston eVillage constitutes your unconditional agreement to all of the terms contained in this document.  If you do not agree to this, then do not use Reston eVillage or register as a Reston eVillage user, as we herewith specifically deny our consent to your use of our website.  If you feel that any of these terms are unfair or unreasonable, or if you know of any violation of this Terms of Service agreement, please e-mail your concerns to webmaster@restonevillage.org with subject "Terms of Service".

Reston eVillage may change the terms of this agreement at any time and without notice.  The Terms of Service which apply to you are those in effect at the time of your usage.  If you are concerned about changes in the terms of service, you are encouraged to check this document frequently.  A convenient link is provided in the footer of virtually every page on this web site.  If you click here, you may subscribe to a mail list which will automatically notify you (via your current return e-mail address) of any substantive changes in this agreement.  If such notification is returned to us as undeliverable, you agree that we may interpret this as your request to unsubscribe from the mail list.

Description  of Service

Reston eVillage is a voluntary Internet web-based outlet for information and dialogue provided by "Reston eVillage.org" Incorporated, a not-for-profit Virginia Corporation.

User Registration,  and Modification or Termination of Service

Access to some services provided by Reston eVillage (such as forums and surveys) requires a password.  You must register with Reston eVillage in order to receive an access password.  You agree to keep this password secret.  You agree to provide accurate and complete information for the registration process.   Reston eVillage may process your user registration on this web site, or have this done by another organization via a separate linked web site.  You acknowledge that Reston eVillage reserves the right to refuse or revoke any user account at any time, for any reason, and without notice.  Reston eVillage reserves the right to modify or discontinue service(s) at will.

You may cancel your registration at any time, by sending an e-mail to webmaster@restonevillage.org with the subject line "Cancel Account" and sufficient information for the webmaster to identify you.  If the cancellation request does not originate from the e-mail address from which the account was originally requested, we reserve the right not to cancel the account until we can verify to our satisfaction that the cancellation request is legitimate.

If you feel that your user password or account may have been used without your permission, please send an e-mail to webmaster@restonevillage.org with the subject line "Security Violation".

If your user account has been refused or revoked and you would like to discuss this, or request another user account, please send an e-mail to webmaster@restonevillage.org with the subject line "User Account Request". 

Copyright and Trademark

Reston eVillage.org contains materials which may be Copyrighted or Trademarked, and are used either with specific permission, or under the "fair use" doctrine.  The general site-wide format, function, and graphics for Reston eVillage are provided by Reston eVillage and other organizations and may be covered under one or more of their copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.  If you know of (or suspect) any Copyright or Trademark infringement on the Reston eVillage web site, please report it to us by sending an e-mail to webmaster@restonevillage.org with subject "Notice of Infringement".  As an organization comprised of volunteers, Reston eVillage will look into the matter that you reported and retain or remove purportedly infringing materials as appropriate.  E-Village will not knowingly permit infringing materials to remain on its web site(s). 

Your Privacy, and Rights and Responsibility for Materials You Publish

Reston eVillage may collect information from you such as (but not limited to) Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.) for the purpose of authenticating and authorizing you to use the system,  providing general tracking of usage, and other such internal matters.  Reston eVillage will not release this information to any outside person or organization unless required by law, or where (in the good faith opinion of the Reston eVillage Board of Directors or one of its officers,)  a failure to disclose such information would endanger the safety of person(s) or property or lead to the commission of a crime or a probable violation of law that could endanger the safety or property of others.

Except as specifically provided above (or as applicable law may require), Reston eVillage disclaims any intention to establish a "presumption of privacy " on Reston eVillage.  You agree that posting material to Reston eVillage for which there has been no prior protection under applicable copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, releases that material into the public domain without recourse.  You further agree that you alone have exclusive responsibility for any material that you publish (or cause to be published) via Reston eVillage.  Reston eVillage does not generally preview content, but we may do so without prior notice as we may decide in our sole discretion.

Other sites for which Reston eVillage provides hyperlinks are not subject to the Reston eVillage policies, and may have different policies of their own.  You are responsible for knowing what web site you are on and safeguarding your own private information that you may be providing to other web sites.

As is common practice on the Internet, Reston eVillage makes use of "browser cookies", which are small text strings placed in a system file on your computer (through your web browser) for the purpose of maintaining session consistency.  There is no personal information contained in the Reston eVillage browser cookies, and Reston eVillage does not index them to, or associate them with, your personal information.

You agree that after you request an account (and even if your account is cancelled, refused or revoked), information about you may remain in our system(s) indefinitely for internal security use, and for possible access by law enforcement officials or judicial officials, pursuant to applicable laws and legally binding orders.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Disclaimer of Warranty

To the maximum extent permited by law, Reston eVillage hereby disclaims all warranties regarding this site, including any implied warranties.  You agree that you will use the Reston eVillage web site at your own risk and "as is".

Reston eVillage makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or availability of the materials posted on its web site(s).  You specifically agree that you will not rely upon this site or any of its component parts for any matter of importance.  You agree that Reston eVillage has no liability for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in the content published via the internet, nor for its failure or decision to provide or interrupt service(s).

As a condition of using Reston eVillage, you promise that you will no take no legal action against Reston eVillage, Inc.  You agree that this promise also covers the members of the Board of Directors, Officers, content contributors, service providers, or related or affiliated entities of Reston eVillage, Inc. arising from their activities in good faith on our behalf or on your behalf.

You agree that neither individually nor collectively will the forgoing have liability for direct or consequential damages arising from your use, attempted use, or inability to use Reston eVillage.  Accordingly, you agree that you will defend, indemnify, and hold them harmless from any claims, losses, damages, or demands (including reasonable attorney's fees) if you violate the promises contained in this agreement. 

Automatic Revocation of Consent

If you do not agree to this Terms of Service Agreement by complying with the instructions for doing so, Reston eVillage specifically revokes both express or implied consent to your use or access to this web site or other web sites of Reston eVillage.

If, after agreeing to the Terms of Service Agreement, you do not comply with your obligations under it, Reston eVillage specifically revokes its permission to use or have access to this web site or other web sites of Reston eVillage.

You agree that your subsequent use of, or access to, this web site or other web sites of Reston eVillage constitutes a "trespass by electronic means".  You also agree that by having others act on your behalf to evade your loss of permission to have access to or use this web site or other web sites of Reston eVillage will also constitute a "trespass by electronic means."   Just as you have no right to enter another person's home simply because you find the door unlocked, you may not electronically "enter" Reston eVillage's "home" on the World Wide Web without our permission to do so. 

Severability of Terms, and Failure to Enforce

If a court or other adjudicatory or administrative tribunal of competent jurisdiction rules that one or more provisions of this "Terms of Service Agreement" conflicts with applicable law, or is declared invalid, the parties intend that the court or other adjudicatory or administrative tribunal interpret and apply the remaining provisions of the contract to the maximum extent permitted by law and to disregard and sever the unlawful or invalid provisions in a manner that reflects as nearly as possible the transcendant purposes of the contract.

You agree that if Reston eVillage fails or decides not to enforce all or part of this agreement, it does not constitute a waiver or implied modification of the contract. 

Applicable law

Virginia law (without regard to choice of law) governs the interpretation, validity and enforcement of the Terms of Service Agreement. Further, the parties intend that the Virginia Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act will apply to this contract even before the effective date of that statute. 

Other Provisions

If this contract uses the singular or the plural or a specific gender, or uses "and" or "or", or uses a generality or a limitation, none of the foregoing vary the meaning of this contract unless inconsistent with the context or the express terms of this Terms of Service Agreement.  The headings of this document serve as a guide to the document and do not constitute part of this contract.

Reston eVillage, P.O. Box 9056 Reston, VA 20195-9056

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